Cigar Sommelier Maestro School

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Cigar Sommelier Maestro School

Messaggio da bob_rock » 05 dic 2022, 09:37

SOTL Global Movement continues developing a series of excellence partnerships with renowned cigar companies, organizations, and institutions from all over the world. Today, SGM is announcing a new academic agreement with the Tobacconist University which was established in 1996. This agreement allows the SGM to launch the first ever online Maestro School for all people globally, providing present and new passionadas and passionados with the gift of knowledge and education while they seek a Cigar Sommelier Certification. A Cigar Sommelier Certification will enable all cigar lovers to learn the history of tobacco at their own pace, figure out different ways to expand their palette, provide them with knowledge, give them ideas for conversations in cigar lounges, and in multiple industries, help them enjoy greater control and prestige in their career. All passionadas and passionados who want to combine expertise and a passion for knowledge into a prominent role such as a Certified Cigar Sommelier & Tobacconist, will garner a valuable credential that will enable them to enter a more fulfilling new phase in their lives and their love for tobacco, as well a possible new phase in their professional life. SOTL Global Movement invites everyone to get certified, become part of the biggest directory of Cigar Sommeliers Tobacconists, while having a massive social impact, helping our mission of empowering women, women entrepreneurship, introducing comradery and creating a better environment in the cigar industry.
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