6th SOTL Global Movement Round Table

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6th SOTL Global Movement Round Table

Messaggio da bob_rock » 29 lug 2022, 21:12

Within the framework of social responsibility and business ethics, SOTL Global Movement continues the international dialogue in a world, free from stereotypes, with respect and emphasis on uniqueness. The 6th SOTL Global Round Table took place on July 11th  at 7pm PT US, at the Montecristo Cigar Bar inside Caesar’s Palace. The guests were women entrepreneurs in the cigar industry who align with the mission of the SOTL Global Movement and believe in women’s empowerment. They discussed the way that they faced their career challenges and stereotypes, and turned them into advice for future women entrepreneurs.  The 6th round table was organized by Lefty Karropoulos & recorded in 4K by Smokin’ Tabacco. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/P3pD21k_eUY Immagine 6th Meeting guests:
Dr.Anastasia Psomiadi, SOTL Global Movement, Moderator
Leonor Abza, NOVA Cigars
Karen Berger, K By Karen Berger/ Don Kiki Cigars
P La Cangri, Boss of the Block by Graycliff
Cynthia L Gonzalez-Valentin, Cigar Fest of Puerto Rico
Charless Jackson, EazyAsh
Romy Kay, Hiram and Solomon Cigars
Amanda Micallef, Micallef Cigars
Nirka Reyes Estrella, De Los Reyes Cigars
Desiree Sylver, Drunk Chicken Cigars
Raquel Quesada Vega, Quesada Cigars
Anya Ramirez, 37th Street Tobacco Company Statements Dr.Anastasia Psomiadi, SOTL Global Movement, Moderator
Every woman on this round table has had her own journey, but our experiences and our common values have brought us together and inspired us. Let this roundtable be the prime example of how women can shine in the world, through their values, their ideals and their ethics. They say cigars bring people together, and women are bringing this fact to another level. Leonor Abza, NOVA Cigars
Τhis is my message! Follow your dreams. If you have a goal, and you want to achieve it, then work hard and do everything you can to get there, and one day it will come true…. And remember “Amazing things happen when women help other women.” Thank You SOTL Global Movement Karen Berger, K By Karen Berger/ Don Kiki Cigars
In a world of Cigars led with excellence by men, today women are making history. Each one of us brings a story, a legacy, which will surely be part of an example to future generations. Passion, Loyalty and Courage is part of my commitment. P La Cangri, Boss of the Block by Graycliff
It was such an unexpected and incredible experience to be invited to sit and speak at this round table at 6th Sotl Global Movement with some of the most powerful women who have come before me in this passion of the Cigar. This moment in time is when I realized that I have arrived.
Thank you so much Cynthia for finding me and telling Anastasia about me.
P La Cangri Boss of the Block Cigars by Graycliff Cynthia L Gonzalez-Valentin, Cigar Fest of Puerto Rico
It was an immense honor to have been present for the 6th Roundtable at Las Vegas. This was my 3rd participation in the SGM Round table conducted but was my first in person, as it was for all who were present. Nothing compares to the human in person contact where we can all see and feel first hand what being a Sister of the Leaf really means. Our contribution and voice in the Cigar industry has incalculable value, which is to great to measure. But that evening at that table was just a peak of what’s to come. Charless Jackson, EazyAsh “The Only Disposable Ashtray”
SOTL Global RoundTable is just as unique as the brand I represent. The movement has empowered myself to be able to unite and blend with other women entrepreneurs across the globe. The bond embraces us to be accountable as a community. To continue to uplift and grow. Genuine LOVE between SOTL Blessings Indeed. Romy Kay, Hiram and Solomon Cigars
It’s a blessing that there is an organization that keeps this initiative constantly in action. I would like to thank Anastasia and Lefty once again for bringing us all together for a beautiful cause that is dear to our souls, the cigar. I came out of that round table in Vegas with more motivation and a lots of appreciation for the support we vowed to maintain and try to even come up with a special blend that could be the fruit of this group of passionate ladies. Amanda Micallef, Micallef Cigars
It is a privilege to join the conversation with the impressive women assembled by Anastasia and the SOTL Global Movement during the 6th Round Table. Together: our impact is growing, we can make a difference, we can change the face of the cigar industry. One day soon, you will look across the crowd at your favorite brick-and-mortar cigar shop and see a community of women and men enjoying great cigars. Desiree Sylver, Drunk Chicken Cigars
The 6th meeting of the SOTL Global Round table was empowering. To be invited to sit at the table with such great women in the cigar industry and share our experiences was amazing. We all may have different goals but the shared sisterhood that day is something I took away as a shared vision of love and support. Raquel Quesada Vega, Quesada Cigars
These women global round table reunions strengthen the network of our cigar industry allowing us to share different experiences, building up the network, but above all it grants us to express our different points of view and share our own history in this marvelous tobacco world. Anya Ramirez, 37th Street Tobacco Company
This night showed me how resilient, fierce, loving and caring women in this beautiful industry can be. It gave me strength, self confidence and most of all, I felt loved by my fellow ladies of the leaf.  

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