Light em Up Lounge – May/June 2022

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Light em Up Lounge – May/June 2022

Messaggio da bob_rock » 14 mag 2022, 12:08

The warm season makes the hearts of cigar lovers beat faster and invites them to enjoy together in splendid weather. The Light ’em Up Lounge also gathers the cigar community together every Wednesday to share the latest developments in the industry and get to know the stars of the cigar world better. The impressive story of Abe Dababneh’s Smoke Inn, the new projects of Rick Rodriguez, or a glimpse inside Didier Houvenaghel’s book “The Cigar From Soil to Soil”: all this awaits you in the coming weeks. The live show takes place every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Central European Time / 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. May 18th Smoke Inn / KMA Talk Radio / The Great Smoke – Abe Dababneh May 25th Light ‘em Up Special Feature on Location June 1st Rick Rodriguez’ New Journey June 8th “The Cigar From Soil To Soul” – Didier Houvenaghel June 15th Ferio Tego – Michael Herklots Further information can be found on the homepage of Light em Up World as well as on our Facebook page. Become part of the Light em Up community and enjoy a delicious cigar together with us at the virtual lounge.  

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