The English You Already Speak VIDEO


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The English You Already Speak VIDEO

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When you start in a language or when you don't speak it fluently you often have the impression of lacking vocabulary. And yet You know a lot more vocabulary in English than you think. Indeed, our everyday life is very influenced by the English words present in the French language. And we are not the only ones! Embark on a whirlwind trip around the world to find out which Anglicisms are commonly used in other languages. the english-you-already-speak-video-mosalingua Commonly used English words English words used in France Germany Poland Chine Spain Italy Russia Brazil Internationally English words used abroad on video.

English words used abroad in podcast version For further Commonly used English words The use of English words in daily life is a phenomenon that occurs in many other countries where English is not the official language. And the opposite also happens! Have you ever Country Email List heard an Englishman say "bon appetit" or "sayonara"? But today we focus on English. And how it is becoming more and more part of the common vocabulary in countries around the world. For example, right now I live in Brazil, where Portuguese is the official language. And I often hear Brazilians using English words (pronounced incorrectly).


What really catches my attention is the fact that some people don't even know they speak English. Once a Brazilian friend told me that she couldn't speak English. It was the end of November, it was Black Friday, so I said to him, “Yes! You know at least two words. She was shocked when I explained to her that "blecky Fraid" (that's how we pronounce "Black Friday" in Brazil) were English words! English words used in France In France, we like anglicisms to bring a slightly modern touch to the language. You will then recognize the following words that you have most certainly used recently, or even today. “ OK, cool, fun, weekend, parking, camping, lifting, bestseller, jeans, brushing, design, vintage, clown, tuxedo, pickpocket, babysitter, feeling, flirt, brunch, gloss, speed, steak, toast, discount , chewing gum, challenge, cowboy, barbecue.