Paraguay Phone Number the Slide Video Ends to a Microsite


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Paraguay Phone Number the Slide Video Ends to a Microsite

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Dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts with a particular passion for Harley-Davidson, HOG Magazine elevates the bike to an art form. It was named Best Print Magazine in 2016 by Content Marketing Awards judges for its beautiful design, inspirational editorial and commitment to Paraguay Phone Number List the Harley Owners Group community. Each issue includes member stories, gear reviews, bike customization ideas and road trip suggestions. The Paraguay Phone Number List real beauty of the brilliant HOG, however, is how it all comes together with striking photography and design.

After creating a TV spot featuring a 15,000 pound ice cream truck to demonstrate the power of its MotoMaster Eliminator Ultra car battery, Canadian Tire backed the campaign with a behind-the-scenes documentary, a reverse time-lapse melt video and a ice cream truck longest ride video. Even after the original TV spot was removed from YouTube, the Paraguay Phone Number List online content elements survived, sparking social conversations and continuing to build YouTube subscribers a year after the Paraguay Phone Number List campaign launched.

Luxury car brand Lexus surprised the Paraguay Phone Number List world with this video depicting what appeared to be a working hoverboard. While viewers initially thought the invention was a hoax, it turned out to be a fully working prototype, demonstrating that, in the Paraguay Phone Number List words of the company's chief engineer, Haruhiko Tanahashi, “There is no It's not impossible, it's just a matter of understanding How." As a bonus, the Slide video ends with a link to a microsite that explains the technology behind the invention and gives viewers a glimpse of other projects from automotive technology that Lexus has in the works.