Why Brands Should Invest in Influencer Marketing

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Why Brands Should Invest in Influencer Marketing

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It is now known that there is no big brand - especially in the fashion industry - that has not at least once tried to invest in influencer marketing. Thought from energy, however, is "many kilometers" away. Our article that explained in detail what influencer marketing is , was ranked as the top article for 2017 based on traffic and engagement. What we didn't analyze and are going to do now, is why brands should invest in influencer marketing.

The truth is that most brands know that the way influencer marketing has evolved, they have to work with an influencer, but they don't know why. So for those who want to have a clear answer, below are 20 reasons that explain in detail why a brand Country Email List should invest in influencer marketing - and no, the reason that it is a big trend does not fit anywhere. PS: Just to catch you up, influencer marketing may not apply to all industries, and that makes sense. However, in industries with large turnovers, see fashion, beauty, gadgets, health & diet, fitness, etc.


Influencer marketing fits like a glove! So what good do influencers do? 1. They bring in sales Sounds reasonable right? Influencers increase sales and this is why almost all brands invest in influencer marketing. The moment an influencer talks about your product or service, the sales start (at least that's how it should be). Depending on the channels used by each influencer and depending on the duration of the campaign, sales start immediately or within the next few weeks from the start.