How to Use Emotions to Turbocharge Your Content Strategy

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How to Use Emotions to Turbocharge Your Content Strategy

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Scared fearful anxious excited inspired emotions are part of our daily lives. And if your job is to produce content, you need to understand those emotions and make them your raw materials. We are always trying to understand why some content goes viral and others fail. Most of the time, we focus on the content itself, optimizing it for seo and hoping it gets the attention it deserves. But what about your readers' emotional needs, are they getting the attention they deserve? There are ways to tap into these emotions and they should be a part of content marketing strategies . Set the goals you have about 2 seconds to get people's attention, this is done with your first few sentences.

Then the rest of the work is engaging continuing to feed your emotions and guiding them in two ways. If the content's intent is to increase brand awareness , build a relationship, and share valuable information, you must stimulate and engage readers' emotions to the extent that they want to receive and share information. If your goal is to take the visitor to Whatsapp phone number list the next step toward purchase , you should invest in sales psychology and neuroscience , which stimulate the emotional responses needed to take certain actions — solve their problem, their pain, when buying the product or service. Create engagement once you've gained a visitor's attention on your site, the next step is to engage them with the content you offer.


At this point the prospect is still in an emotional stage, so continuing to stimulate their emotions will achieve that engagement. You can use humor, playfulness, the arousal of curiosity, address pain, fear and anxiety about the problem using storytelling techniques . When people feel entertained by what they read, they are much more likely to share the content. Some of the feelings you can explore here are: hope: we all want an extra dose these days. In general, information with many inspirational words is very likely to be shared and go viral; anger, fear and anxiety : there is something in human nature that wants to share these feelings. This, in turn, encourages more comments and shares.