4 Ideas for Marketing Uses of asia email list Hashtags

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4 Ideas for Marketing Uses of asia email list Hashtags

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Hashtags, or hashtags, appeared on facebook in mid-june with the aim of centralizing and promoting conversation between members. This opportunity to group information according to similar themes by adding the parameter “#theme1, #theme2…” in a message was used extensively on twitter until now. These clickable keywords allow you to asia email list all the "Public" messages shared by members of a social network. But how can marketers benefit from facebook hashtags? I invite you to discover 4 ideas for marketing uses to benefit from the potential of hashtags… increase the reach of your publications reach represents the visibility of your facebook posts to your audience of facebook fans. If you still didn't know, on average the reach of your facebook posts is around 10-20% of all your fans. To overcome this "Weakness", you can use sponsored post promotions with facebook ads, you can also work on improving your facebook edge rank naturally.

Trainer training hashtags also appear as a very interesting opportunity to improve the reach of your publications because your message will appear in the public search associated with the hashtag included in your publication. So you can asia email list an audience that is looking for information about the topics you cover, whether the users are a fan of your page or not. For example, if I decide to find out if there are web job offers posted on facebook, I can perform the query: #emploiweb. I then get the following result: hashtag-facebook example on the #emploiweb request you therefore find a job offer that was published by a page of which you are not necessarily a fan, the post of this page has therefore benefited from additional exposure thanks to the presence of a specific hashtag.

Another example: I regularly add hashtags to my facebook posts in order to benefit from better visibility. We can see that my publication appears on the #adwords request. Hastage-adwords-facebook example on the #adwords query given the trends of the decline in the reach of facebook publications, it would therefore be a shame not to take asia email list of the benefits of hashtags! Amplify your branding you can develop your branding on facebook with your own personalized hashtags for the launch of a new product, the distribution of promotions... For example, if you dedicate a specific hashtag to all of your publications concerning a new product, this will allow users to follow a particular feed concerning only your news. You can also replicate the same logic to offer a specific hashtag for promotions or a particular theme.

Usage-hashtag-home-depot using the #hdhacks hashtag to share cool ideas with users develop the cross platform between social networks if you have several accounts on different social networks, it can be interesting to try to create interactions in asia email list to promote the mobilization of your entire community . In general, if you are present on twitter, google plus or even instagram, you already use hashtags in your communication (if this is not the case, do not wait any longer). You can therefore also use them on facebook, this will allow you to save time on your publications because nothing prevents you from repeating the same message on all the networks. Twitter-hashtag-facebook example of a tweet appearing in search results for the query #sport note however that it is advisable to adapt your communication on each social network because users do not necessarily have the same expectations, this option is therefore to be used occasionally.

On the other hand, the use of similar hashtags on the various social networks is recommended because the facebook engine can include tweets as well as instagram photos directly in the results of a search. Promote a special event to promote an event or a special asia email list you can/must use a specific hashtag. This will allow you to promote it on all of your social networks as well as on your various communication channels. This will make it possible to standardize your communication and not to lose internet users who can sometimes juggle between different networks! To familiarize yourself with these notions and know where social networks intervene in your sales cycle, google analytics offers many examples . Avinash's more advanced blog is a key resource on these issues. 4. Integrate your e-commerce strategy with facebook since it is a question of increasing its sales via facebook, one of the solutions consists in taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the applications.