Product Launch How to Use Video

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Product Launch How to Use Video

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That is the launch models have gone through different formats over time. From the sound car to communications in the digital universe, in short, the objective has always been the same: to create a remarkable emotion in relation to the new product. And, of course, after the internet gained a definitive space in marketing strategies, that is, the audiovisual format became MANDATORY for any successful launch. Video is a direct, intimate, persuasive and dynamic way to communicate. As it unites both sound and visual language, however, it provides a much more immersive experience that helps – a lot – in sales. That's why you need to produce video content if you want to have a first-rate launch.

That is in this article we will show you how to do it. Stay with us! First steps to effective product advertising Before you start shooting, however, you need to keep in mind that a well-planned release has three steps: Pre-launch: in this phase, you need to deepen your knowledge of your product and Fax List audience: that is, create a buyer persona, conduct market research and test. In the case of video productions, this is the time to create the script, decide and budget the value of the locations, analyze the portfolio of different audiovisual production companies to budget your video with them and, finally, produce it. Launch: in short , this stage is when the product is actually launched.


However anything goes here to get attention! Use your website, blog, email, social networks and, if you can, hold an event! Don't skimp. Post-launch: after launch, it's time to measure results and analyze indicators to make the necessary campaign adjustments. That is, it is also necessary to be attentive and provide assistance to customers who have purchased the product and maintain after-sales processes. A video for each step in the product launch When it's time to get your hands dirty, look at the videos as a campaign, not as an individual piece. That way, each of them will have a purpose according to the stage of its launch.