Model Railroading a Passion That Spans Generations

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Model Railroading a Passion That Spans Generations

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The arrival of christmas is a special time all over the world. The date provides integration between family and friends, and joint activities are a great option for celebrating the date. Model railroading is a hobby that brings the family together in moments of rest, leisure and interaction. It is not possible to say exactly when the first miniature model of a locomotive or wagon appeared, but certainly since the advent of the railroad in europe. The first small-scale trains were built by german watchmakers between 1850 and 1856, using wind-up mechanisms, which delighted adults and children alike during winter fun. In brazil is the only electric train factory in latin america, frateschi trens elétricos.

Located in ribeirão preto (sp) and which for 48 years has been dedicated to the manufacture of electric trains in miniatures and replicas of real compositions. The industry's objective is to preserve the railway memory through the practice of model Whatsapp phone number list railroading and also to promote the history and culture that surround the country's railways. A great christmas gift option is the my first electric train kit. It is also an excellent choice for model railroad fans who have not yet collected the modality. The meu primeiro trem elétrico kit, produced by frateschi, has nine models of basic boxes. Each has different types of locomotives and wagons.


However they all come with a locomotive, three freight and/or passenger cars, a square meter of track and a speed and direction controller. In the family of professor adriano ricardo ruggero, from mogi mirim (sp), model railroading began at christmas 1984, when his older brother paulo andré received a basic box from frateschi, with a g12 locomotive from fepasa and three wagons. “my father lived in a house next to the companhia paulista line, in what is now the city of hortolândia, close to a level crossing. Growing up, he went to work in the workshops of companhia mogiana, in campinas. Since i was a child, when we used to go to my grandparents' house, we would admire.